Monday, August 31, 2009

Health Care Debate V

So lets say you own a monopolisitc, private, for profit, wall street driven, insurance company and your company makes 5 billion dolalrs last year. This year the President says we are going to pass a health care reform that will make your company obsolete in America. How much would you spend to kill that type of legislatal reform? 1 billion dollars? 4 billion dollars? Would you scare Americans into agreeing with your point of view? Would you by media time to scare them? Would you hire mobs and bus them into town hall meetings to cause a madhouse? Would you buy, i mean lobby congress especially business friendly republicans to support your perspective?

Welcome to the wonderfull world of American politics.

Just imagine if the American public could pool their resources, knowledge, leadership, and join together and actually fight back against the business/political alliance that dominated every aspect of America for the last hundred years, except our SOUL.

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