Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A lot of heat has been coming out of Washington DC and other states lately about the deficit. We need to cut spending is the mantra. So where do we cut from , a) everywhere as to be fair b)from the poor and middle class because they do not fund elections c) from the rich who got us into this economic turmoil and who are not suffering from it anymore. BBBBBBBB

Why would we stick it to the still suffering poor and middle class? The mantra on tv is because those damn unions. They are getting paid too much, they are taking advantage. Its bs.

Its bs because the first logical place to get money, in an economic crisis, is to see who caused the crisis, Wall Street, and the mortgage industry. Next lets see if any group has rebounded from the economic crisis, and once again we see Wall Street, hmm. Than I would look at those who dont pay any taxes, like the vast amounts of corporations.

Just to recap, we have one group who caused an economic meltdown, yet that same group recovered from the meltdown while most in the country have not, and we also have many corporations not paying their fair amount of taxes. We also spend more than we take in. So the answer to solve this should not be to take it out of the unions and middle class, by attacking pensions, social security, and medicare.

But attacking pensions, social security and medicare does fit in with 30 years worth of public policy to slowly whittle away the middle class, according to Dean Baker;

"And this upward redistribution (of wealth over the past 3 decades) was brought about by deliberate policy. We pursued a trade and high dollar policy that was intended to put downward pressure on the wages of manufacturing workers. The Federal Reserve Board deliberately kept unemployment higher than necessary in order to weaken workers bargaining power. We extended patent monopolies to allow drug companies to jack up prices, raking in hundreds of billions a year. And, we gave the Wall Street banks the benefit of "too big to fail" status so they can borrow with a government subsidy."


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fox news

Some idiot on the news yesterday was talking about power plants, nuclear ones and said any problem that occurs in the US with them can be blamed on regulation, because what the hell does the government know about nuclear power plants. He went on to argue that the best regulation is self regulation by industry, because if there is a disaster only they will lose out in revenue and no company wants that, so that is there motivation.

This is the most laughable argument in the world.
There was no such thing as self regulation on Wall Street ever, which lead to the economic meltdown in 2008.
There was no such thing as self regulation on the Oil Rig in the Gulf.
In both instances industry took blatantly dangerous risk, knowing full well the worst case scenario would hurt many people even entire nations, no one cared.
Wall Street lost a lot of money but who cares because the individual CEO and his board made a killing, and the tax payer was forced to bail out the institutions.
With BP oil we see the same thing, billions in damages that they will fight paying for decades.

The Exxon Valdez never paid there lost lawsuit for there spill 20 years ago.

Microsoft lost an anti-trust lawsuit to the Clinton administration, and Bush came in and threw out the case, The case was already over. Microsoft lost. The only part left was to cut the check to the government. And Bush went all Brooklyn and sad fughetaboutit.

Corporations and CEO's and boards have zero obligation to the United States, if they could make a buck burning the country to the ground they would. As they have with my few examples.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We think about our health all the time. Eating good food, drinking clean water, detoxing our system from the junk in the air that we cannot control, and now Japan is being flooded with toxic radiation. U.S. Navy helicopters have detected radiation 60 miles north of the site, and aircraft carriers have detected radiation 100 miles east.
on democracy now's website explains the situation like this;

"When the reactor shuts down, what that means is that the uranium atom doesn’t split anymore. But these pieces that are left behind are still radioactive, and they generate about five percent of the reactor’s heat. And you’ve got to dump that heat for as long as a year or two or three. So, what’s happened is that there has been no way to remove that heat, and that’s caused the nuclear fuel to hit 2,200 degrees. At that point, the nuclear fuel begins to suck up the oxygen atoms in water. Water is H2O. And that gives off hydrogen gas. So the hydrogen explosions that we’re seeing at two of these reactors are an indication that the water is being stripped of its oxygen and creating hydrogen. So, the cores are uncovered, and when the cores are uncovered, unfortunately, that’s what happens. Now, the problem in the long haul is that now that these cores have been uncovered and there’s no way to cool them, they will have to continuously vent these containments. And as the Times said, you’re not going to get back into these villages in the next week or two. It could easily be months, if not years, before these villages can be inhabited again."

Some information i have found posted on facebook by Earth Nourished Women;

"Nutritional support for radiation exposure - Turmeric, triphala, whole grains, sea vegetables, miso, dandelion root, sulfur rich vegetables like broccoli and dark leafy greens, medicinal mushrooms, spirulina & chorella, Rosemary." (from Barefoot Gardeners Organic Central Florida)

I wrote something on here about another energy disaster in Tennessee where a natural wall of earth containing a pool of toxic chemicals broke and flooded a small town. The very minimal regulations created by corrupt politicians who worked hand and hand with the industry they were supposed to be supervising were being minimally followed and no one took notice. Well actually activists took notice, locals took notice, but leaders and governments officials did nothing.

That article had me research and learn about the entire coal power plant industry and that from every stage in the process of removing coal from the ground, delivering coal to power plants, and burning the coal into the air, it is an unsafe and unhealthy process. Now we learn that the new technology that was supposed to replace coal is even more unsafe.

Maybe we need to rethink our whole energy paradigm. We have a Tennessee power plant disaster a few years back, Gulf oil drilling disaster last year, Japanese Nuclear disaster this year, once a year a coal mine collapses and a dozen souls die, this is all the direct things we here about. We can also include all the rivers and air and drinking water and bathing water that is being poisoned.

Maybe power plants should not be on the planet. maybe we need to switch to green types of energy, like solar, wind, and waves. Maybe everyone needs their own solar/wind generator at home and on their cars.

And to all the people that think this is unreasonable ask yourself this, would you like work in  a nuclear power plant where the core is melting? Would you like to dig in a coal mine a mile deep in the earth, breathing in that shit, and being prone to mine collapses? Would you like to live in a community downwind of a coal power plant, breathing in that thick coal dust?