Friday, January 8, 2010

Tim Geitner

So Tim Geitner, the man running the treasury department, the watchdog over the economy of the United States of America, during the worst time for our economy in 80 years. Must be a fun job.

And what was his last job that enabled Tim to be promoted to the top economic job in the land, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the supervisory body that watches of Wall Street investment houses and banks.

But wait, wall street crashes and the guy who was supposed to be making sure it didn't crash was not fired, or publicly tarred and feathered but was promoted? Sweet.

But was it really a promotion?

So far he has handed out tax payer money hand over fist to the corrupt banks that broke the law and tanked the economy, in a terrorist fashion. Than he has advised those same terrorist banks that should have been closed and who owe their life to the taxpayer not to share information with the public about what they are doing with the taxpayer money they obtained.

Wonderful. Isn't that like catching Osama Bin Laden and having the CIA advise Osama not to talk to the FBI about what he knows? I am sure that would go over real well.

This new story adds to the fire of last years story where Geitner actively worked to remove sections of a new banking bill that would have placed more restrictions on the terrorist banks to stop participating in economic terrorism and to stop rewarding the leaders of these terrorist banks with hug bonuses.

And with all this gross misconduct Tim Geitner still holds a job. So my thoughts are this, was he given this job because of all the power and prestige? On the outside it looks like a promotion and a reward kind of a job.

Or is this a punishment job. You will not pass go you will not collect 200 dollars, you will not be fired, but you will continue to screw the American public and be the public face of government corruption?