Saturday, August 29, 2009

Health Care Debate III

Big Business should be supporting a government run public option for all, like a medicare for all, where we pay taxes and get free care because this would benefit every company, every corporation, every small businessman.
Right now corporations offer their employees health insurancea and it cuts into the corporate profit. If the government took over this role it would have two benefits. ONe being that corporations would be spending less money on overall pay to their employees because health coverage is a large portion of what employees get paid. And since the goal of any corporation is to make money, i cant see why every corporation is not on board with this idea.

The second reason is competition. Our corporations compete on the world scene with Canadian, European, Chinese and other foreign corporations. Right now since all those nations i just mentioned have their government pay for their citizens healthcare, they have an advantage over our corporations right out of the gate. If our government can take this expense off the books of our corporations we can compete better on the world scene.

Remember earlier this year when the American car makers were in serious trouble and the first thing that was mentioned was the workers pay. Everyone on corporate news agreed that the union would have to make consetions with pay, retirement and healthcare. Now imagine if the government stepped in and said we will pay for all your workers healthcare, maybe Gm doesnt need the governemnt bailout?

So in one sense you have the health care industry made of hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmacuetical companies who want to keep the current system, and then you have every other sector of private business who would beneift from change, yet for some reason the powers of this nation seem to have alighned against any fundamental change. I am confused.

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