Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health Care Debate IV

A major flaw with the current health care model is there is no competition. Competition is key in a captilist system, giving consumers choice and forcing providers to offer the best and cheapest care. Without competition we get monopolies. A few big bullies who do what they like (charge a lot, offer a little) because there is no other choice.

The Democratic Party has mentioned they want a government option to compete with the monoply system currently running to force the monopolies into acting fair. The monopolies are crying foul, saying it would be unfair competition and would not be in the intereste of capitolism.

So lets remember that right now the government is already subsidizing the monopolistic private for profit insurance model. How you ask? Through medicare and medicaid, two government run insurance programs set up to help the poor and elderly have healthcare. The poor and the elderly are usually more unhealthy and costly to insure becuase the poor dont have access to better quality food, and more frequent preventative care, and its no secret that seniors bodies are aging and need more attention.

So right our of the gate, the monopolistic, private, for profit, insurance model does not have to worry about insuring the most costly customers. This is a golden ticket for any business. And yet this is stil not enough. They still find ways in their hearts of hearts to relieve themselves of the burden of the second most costly group to insure, those that use their insurance a lot and need costly procedures.

So quick recap, monopolistic, private, for profit, wall street driven, insurance companies love when the government gets involed in health care when it benefits them, yet they hate when the government gets involved when it benefits the entire country. So remind me again why we are lisening to and believing talking points from a group of people who would do basically anything to keep the stauts quo?

Remember how much money we are talking about here. If we switch to the canadian model of a single government run insurance option with no more private insurance companies, that meens some right now stand to lose billions of dollars, i cant even fathom a number 20 billion dollars a year? In a sense these executives are fighting for their lives. Do you not expect them to do whatever it take, to spend whatever it takes, to use any lie it takes, to convince us that changing the current monopolistic model will be horrible for everyone?

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