Friday, August 28, 2009

Health care debate II

A story in the new york times pointed out by a writer i read quite often David Sirota, sheds some new light on a myth used commonly when argueing against government run health care.

The myth is that the governmnet will ration your care, deciding for your and over your doctors decision what kind of procedure you can have.

As I pointed out in my long entry before this one, government run does not have to mean rationing care. The Canadian government currently uses a government run model that does not ration care. The rationing that will be done here has to do with unneccesary testing that is done so doctors can overcharge insurance companies to make some extra money. But if you trying to scare the nation about any changes to the current system so they would not support any changes you can talk about rationing emergency life saving care, because its scary.

So, in the new times article, an insurance company executive admits that they currently practice rationing care. So America, wake up. You dont want to reform healthcare and get the government involved because there is slim to none chance they will ration care that could cause you bodily harm, and you are furious over this idea of rationing care. But you do want to stick with the current system that currently rations care. America, you are schizophrenic.

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