Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chris Floyd

The politcal writer Chris Floyd constantly hits home runs on his blog, empire burlesque, mostly about the abuses of the American Empire, this quote from his latest peice;

"I noted the grim irony that this principle of non-personhood had now been reintroduced into the law of the land by our first African-American president. (But this is only to be expected, given the law of opposites that so often governs American politics: only a lifelong Red-baiter like Nixon could make an opening to Communist China; only a supposed liberal like Bill Clinton could gut the federal welfare system. And only an African-American president could reintroduce the principle of slavery and get away with it. No doubt it will be a woman president who finally re-imposes a total ban on abortion."

Saturday, December 26, 2009


An interesting story i just read, about two women in Israel admitted into a psych ward, who used to be Massad agents (Israeli cia) , they had armed guards in the psych ward to insure that during treatment the ex-Mossad agents would not reveal state secrets, hmmm

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Economy

two people I have talked to lately about the economy said we had to give the money to wall street or else the whole economy would have crashed and that Obama's economy team did a great job saving the economy. Lets break down these myths.

So maybe the first one is partially right, if we let all the wall street banks fold we might be in big trouble right now, all the jobs lost, all the stocks and retirement funds lost. But its the way we saved them that bothers me. A great headline on today mentions how we let the arsonist (Ben Bernanke) put out the fire and we called him a hero. Ok, so the whole house didnt burn down, but there wouldnt be any freakin fire without Bernanke, Geitner, Paulson and the top executives at the big wall street, Goldman, Bank of America, Citi Group, Chase. They should all be in jail.

When rocky returned from Russia in Rocky 5 to learn his accountant was a crook and burned down his economic castle did Rocky rehire the same account to get his economic house back in order? Oh no, thats right, Rocky fired his ass.

Obama Drug Reimporation

David Sirota talks about Obama's stance on drug importation from foreign countries. He campaigned in support of importing drugs for cheapers costs but recently changed his mind only to change his mind again with a speech this weekend from David Axelrod stating that the President supports cheaper drug reimportation from foreign countries.

Sirota points out how that support means nothing when the President has the power to change the law overnight,

"the president has the statutory authority right now to allow it via a
certification by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius."

So this brings up my favorite quote from John Kerry talking about George W. Bush during the Presidential debates of 2004, just because the President said something, I believe in drug importation from foreign nations, doesnt make is true. Show us through your actions Mr. President.

Oh and a side note, most of our drug manufacturers have their plants overseas, so when you here politicians talking about this issue of posibly allowing the importation of drugs from overseas, number 1 its already happening, "40 percent of medicines on the domestic market right now were manufactured overseas", David Sirota.

And number 2 the drugs Americans want to buy at a cheaper cost from overseas are made by American corporations not third rate pill chop shops. As Americans shouldnt we pay less for drugs made by American corporations and shouldnt the rest of the world pay premium prices?
Like state colleges, if you go to a New York state college but you are from out of state you pay more money in tuition. If that was the opposite and New Yorkers paid more, that would seem silly.

check out sirota;

Friday, December 18, 2009

Texas Pollution

If Texas were a nation it would be in the top ten polluting nations.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inside view of DC Politics

"Defeating liberals, in as public a way as possible, has long been a central pillar of "moderate" Democratic strategy. Blue Dogs, Conservadems, the DLC and others believe that they must do everything possible to distance themselves from liberal Democrats in order to be successful. If they are viewed as regular old Democrats, and not as a new wave of bi-partisan, moderate Democrat, then they honestly believe they are screwed. Lieberman is just an especially spiteful version of this."

Chris Bowers @open left

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Afghanistan for real

"The US military is in Afghanistan for two reasons. First to restore and control the world’s largest supply of opium for the world heroin markets and to use the drugs as a geopolitical weapon against opponents, especially Russia. That control of the Afghan drug market is essential for the liquidity of the bankrupt and corrupt Wall Street financial mafia."

"More land is now used for opium in Afghanistan, than for coca cultivation in Latin America.”

Thanks war on terror.

Who would dare befriend us

So right now we are allegedly fighting the evil Taliban and their supporters who reside in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yet we built these terror groups decades ago. We trained Osama and his crew in Afghanistan and we set up networks in Pakistan to sneak in money and weapons to Osama in Afghanistan. And here we are 30 years later fighting and destroying the same networks we once built. So my thought is why would anyone want to help us when there is a good chance you will be our next enemy in 30 years? If Osama only knew than what he knows now, no what i mean.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Governer Patterson and the Uk

Its crazy to watch the governer of NY on the news as he cuts services to the middle class again and again, schools, transportation, health, government jobs, because times are tough. And than you see the story of how in the UK bankers bonus' are being taxed at 50% because well, they are the reason the rest of the country is suffering. Why should the whole country be asked to give up their jobs, and to sacrifice so the banks can be saved first. That is one thing. But its a slap in the face of this sacrife for these bankers to grant themselves huge bonuses. Really guys. The public has such a short attention span. You couldnt have waited one year to start bonuses again? So lets step it up Patterson. If the Federal Government refuses to tax that banker ass you should. They shit on us all by tanking the economy, they gave us officially 10% national unemployement and unoffiacially 20% unemployment + underemployment, and they shit on us again when they begged us for money to save them only to pay out huge bonuses to their executives, for what i dont know. You know what my bonus was this year, about 1.5% of my yearly salery. Thank you State of New York. I am moving to the colder Dakota eh.


I was just reading some financial shinanigans over at cjr the audit's website about how the too big to fail financial firms broke the law yet were not held accountable. They were given exemptions. So next time I am on the phone with my bank or credit card company or any other company for that matter and I hear the bs line, sorry sir there is nothing we can do, I will ask if i can have an exemption in this case, what is your official and unofficial policy for granted exemptions, what was the last exemption you granted and why.