Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A cLaSs DiViDeD

I just saw this thought provoking documentary on pbs frontline, a class divided. What a great show it was. I believe it took place in the 60's. The Scene is Iowa. All white town. A third grade teacher. The event she must deal with , with her class, is the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The problem is how to teach ideas of segregation to third graders. The solution she chose was to try an experiment that was wonderfully done, and something that stuck with these children into adulthood.
The teacher, Jane Elliott, impliments a 3 day experiment with amazing results. She did not consult the principal or the school board, and after the successful trial run the experiment became part of her class curriculum for some time. And get this, no one complained.
So what did she do? On day one of the experiment she splits the class along eye color, blue and brown. Day one she preaches all day about how smart blue eye kids are, they are never late, never get in trouble, while brown eye kids are slower, untrust worthy etc.
The results spoke for themeselves. Brown eye kids scored lower on exams. Blue eye kids began to pick on brown eye kids and the brown eye kids got into a lot of fights. In the words of the teacher, these beautifull children did things she would have never thought possible.
Day two she reversed the roles. She tells the class that she was lying about blue eyes being better, that the truth was brown eye kids are better. You should have seen the kids faces. The blue eye kids going from the elite on day one to the bottom rung on day two freaked, some put there heads down on the desk and cried, some got mad and pounded there desk. And just as with day one, the blue eye kids scores dropped, while the brown eye kids scores rose, dramatically.

On day three she told them about her experiment and they were relieved. But the point the teacher was trying to make was made, brilliantly. The point, was that we have a whole section of our culture, who we are told are criminals, miscriants, drug dealers and addicts, they dont work and take checks from the government, they are the ones always going to jail. Now the easiest answer to this would be to say this group must be trouble makers by nature, by genetics. How could this not be the logical conclusion. Why would a hole section of the population be taken advantage of. Well because it is part of human nature. It was the blacks, and the women, and the irish and german and italian immigrants, the jews, the indians, today its the arabs. As the comedian Carlos Mancia says, 9-11 was a freeing day for the blacks of america.

Why? Because now there was a new group of troublemakers to focus on, to segregate. Carlos says its just part of America, and once the Arabs do their time, we will select a new group and the arabs will be off the hook.

The lesson in Iowa, in this third grade class, jumps at us all. It is very easy for us, as humans to be frightened. We all want to belong to the elite groups, but to have elites we must have the bad group. And the Expirment helped to show that it is easy for us to give up when the world is against us. When humans are constantly told they are lazy, they begin to play the role, when they are told they are criminals they begin to act like criminals. And its hard to understand anothers situation unless you are put in there shoes.

Jane Elliot made sure each one of her third graders walked in the shoes of success and failure, during there stay with her, and they will never forget that. So go now and find this documentary.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Soccer is the best sport in the world

I have been watching soccer lately, a lot. I grew up playing. Got injured. Retired freshman year of highschool. I should have went pro. At least this kid on my team should have. Any time our team was down we just kicked it over everyones head and this speed demon on out team beat everyone to it, and scored. To bad he druggs got a hold of him and he never even played college-

Yet through my childhood of playing i never watched soccer. I watched baseball, hockey, basketball, football. i also collected cards for the latter four sports, which helped me learn the players , the teams, the all-stars.

But I am not interested in the four classic american sports this year. Last years world cup woke something up in me, and now i cant get enough. whether its the German bundasliga, or the English premiership, or the Spanish La liga, Italy's series a, i just want more. More crisp , long passing. More fancy dribbling moves that completely psyche out defenses. More goals off headers, from guys you dont even see in the screen, when all you see is the ball coming in, being passed to empty space, until a team mate comes flying into the picture to head the ball in. More ridiculous penalty kicks that just bend over walls where the keepers have no chance.

Now every sunday when i with my friends who only want to watch football, i am squirming in my seat, whining to mysefl, "why cant they put soccer on", "im going home".

Because when u think about it soccer is the best sport to watch period. American football has so many commercials, soccer has none, until halftime. American football has one team on offense than when they dont score they give it to the other team, soccer the ball is constantly in play, my teams attacks until you take it away, i dont get four chances and thats it. Soccer has one team 11 men, they dont switch squads for offense and defense, and hockey switch teams every 3 minutes or so, but at least they play continually.

American football is so strict about boundries, if you touch the line your out, in soccer, the whole player can be out of bounds, as long as the ball is in and his foot is in.

And goddamn soccer is physical, two people going up to head the same ball and u know one is getting clobbered, you steal the ball from me and 99% of the time my pride is so wounded that i will chase you down and foul you. Be carefull if you try to head a ball too close to the goal bc he is allowed to punch the ball out, and if your head interferes its all good.

and if you think american football fans are nuts, soccer fans are over the top-in fact we all know the england is the city with the most surveillance cameras, well they were originally installed in the subway. The soccer fans at the game were so rowdy that the police started watching them in the subway on the way to the games, so they could catch the rowdy ones before they even got to the stadiium.

Game day , sat and sunday is called match day, the field is called the pitch, penalty shots outside the box are called set pieces, teams are called clubs.

Some of the best clubs in the world are englands chelsea, manchester united, liverpool-spains real madrid, vallencia, barcalona,espanyol-germany's stuttgardt, beyarn munich, werder bremer and france's lyon, russias dynamo kiev, italy's juventus, inter milan, and roma

Some of the best players in the world are robihno, leo the lion messi, luca toni, junihno, ibrahimovitz, kaka, totti,drogba, Mwaruwari, wayne rooney, fabiano, klose, pizzaro karim benzima.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

FdA allows carbon monoxide in our beef

I was watching tv last night, c-span's coverage, they were showing a hearing where congress was questioning the FDA, food and drug administration, the department of our government that ensure our food supply and our drug supply is not gonna kill or harm us.

So after listening to the executives of the department wiggle for their lives, under congressional questioning, i dont feel safe at all.

This bunch of miscreants could not answer questions for the life of them. You should have seen their faces, after being asked a tough question. They looked down at the papers, presumebly looking for an answer but most likely praying to god for a way out.

You could tell who the ring leader of the operation was, besides bush co. It was this moderatly dressed, extremely ugly women in the middle of panel. No wedding ring. Her leadership role was writtten on her sleave. She was the bravest one their. Not nervous, no need to review her papers for answers. When a question arose that made me think, " finally a good question, we are about to get to the bottom of this", she casually said we are not sure, dont have those stats, we gave you everything we had.

But just how many times can u use the same excuse. And how come they use the same excuses, when asked about the safety of food that we eat, our grandparents eat, and our children eat daily, that we used when we forgot to do our elementary school homework. Basically this women, who disgraces anyone with the last name tarentino, has the biggest balls of anyone i know.

Carbon Monoxide in our beef. That was the issue being discussed, and what the FDA was doing about it. Their response= we are doing nothing, it is totally safe because we have had zero complaints, even though we did not alert the world ( in our normal fashion)that we now use this procedurel. Oh, and please dont call it carbon monoxide, the FDA screamed, it would be totally unfair.

We all known the governments age old trick of relabeling, redefining how we talk about issues. So what type of brilliant term has the FDA arrived at so that people dont connect carbon monoxide in our beef, to that guy that left his car running in his garage to kill himself and accidentally killed his whole family also?

Oderless gas.
congressman-isnt carbon monoxide oderless gas
Fda-yes but what we put in the meat is more than just carbon monoxide, so thats why we gave it a new name
congressman-so you put other chemicals in the beef besides carbon monoxide, what else ?
FDA -well, the process we use is 99% carbon monoxide and 1% nitrogen that is left over from the process.
Congressman-but when people kill themselves with their cars in their garages with carbon monoxide, isnt there also traces of nitrogen
FDA -yes
Cong-So how is this legal
FDA-well the oderless gas cannot be defined by our standard as food additive, because its used for color, but it cannot be defined as a color additives, bc we are not actually adding color. The oderless gas, freezes the color of the beef at its healthiest stage, so we define it as a color saver, and no FDA regulations require us to test this substance for safety.

I swear to god this is the actually argument in our congress. These bumbs in FDA are splitting hairs and peoples lives are at risk, all for what?

All bc bush and co. hate government, and they have put people in charge of the fda and everyother department, who hate regulation, hate oversight, These FDA miscriants do not work for america , they work for big business. they should all be thrown in jail.You know what happened in china to man who let all the toys be posioned? He was killed, put to death. Here they get raises
So how long has big business been slowly posioning the american population with carbon monoxide. I cannot wait to have a chem test to see what chemicals i walk around with daily.

(the next line is a joke)
When asked for a comment , rush limbaugh said" carbon monoxide in our beef?, the beef industry slowly killing us? You know what also is slowly killing us, old age, should the fda now regulate the elderly , i think not. For peet sake everyone on the planet is slowly dying, and we now live in a fast pace envirnment, so the beef industry is merely following natural patterns of the world, and who is agianst nature?

On a great holistic health website i found 5 other mistakes the FDA screwed up, showing how dangerous they really are.

1.the approval of the antibiotic Ketek, despite the fact that the study was so fraught with fabricated data it led to arrests and prison terms-
Five years ago, the FDA did not approve Ketek, an antibiotic with the generic name telithromycin, for use in the United States. In their decision, they cited toxic effects such as liver damage.
Arrests and Prison Terms
However, in response to the FDA's decision, the drug's manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis launched a new trial, study 3014, to test its safety. Study 3014 included fabricated data, and led to arrests and prison terms, forcing the FDA to throw out the results. The study is still defended as legitimate by Sanofi-Aventis.
Still Cited TodayDespite this, the FDA reversed its original decision and approved Ketek, based on previous data collected and rejected by the FDA, along with smaller studies and the drug's European safety record. Study 3014 is still being cited by medical journals to back up Sanofi-Aventis' claim that Ketek is safe.
Reuters UK May 2, 2006
2.the deadly Vioxx debacle
antidepressants found to incite murderous and suicidal episodes
lead tainted toys
toxic pet food

Friday, November 9, 2007

Panet earth Series

If you have not seen this serious you are doing yourself a diservice. They are amazing. The way the animal kingdom migrates. Some birds travel 12k miles two times a year. Phenominal. The way they depend and rely on nature, the seasons, there lives flow in harmony with the planet, in contrast to humans, who flow against the planet.

Is flowing against the planet bad? Probably. The Native Americans, we are told, rose with the sun and went to bed with it. Health practicioners say its healthy to do so.
But animals do go against nature. Bats, Owls, they hunt at night. Salmon swimm upsteam to procreate, oh wait they die soon after.
This one tradition I have read about believe most of our earlthy disorder is based on our TIME system not flowing in harmony with the sun. And our months not flowing with the 28 day natural lunar cycle.

So , planet earth, africa, the dry season.
The wildlife there has to deal with no water for some time every year, they go through a cycle of having less and less water. The animals begin their annual treck to where the water will be. The gators and hippos start sharing smaller and smaller bodies of water.

The elephants that make this treck have done this so many times that by the time they arrive, the rain water in the form of a river will also arrive. Both the animal and the rain water are two ends of the same 4 month journey. Hard journey. Some dont make. But once there 4 month trecks over they have all the food and water they need, for a time. Than they return to their homes, and the water dries out and the treck for their very survival begins again.

Every year these animals are in for a journey for their life. The earth took away their life blood, and promises to return it at the end of a journey that will test every ounce of their strength. And did i mention this happens every year. Those elephant clans just know the waters will be there, they put their faith in mother earth.

This one baby elephant gets caught in a sand storm, abot 50 paces from her life blood, in the form of a lake. She loses her mother and ends up following the mothers foot steps. Did i mention she went the wrong way. I know so sad, but just think how many lives this elephant will save by dying., and providing nourshiment.

My thinking goes, damn, us humans, have the easiest life on the planet. At least coming from a middle class suburb on long island, thats the way it seems. I know many humans in the world suffer, but from my perspective its a piece of cake.

I need water, i turn a handle on my sink.
I need food, i walk to the corner store and buy some.
Everything i need is at my fingertips.
In my 27 years on this planet i have not once, had a journey like those animals of Africa have. And did i mention they do it every year? damn
could this be the reason humans have abused the planet so. How can we appreciate the value of water, when we use .0001 calories to obtain it (turning the handle thing i mentioned). How can we respect the planet that does not take us the brink of death, every year, in a cycle to test our will, than as a reward, she gives us all the food and water we can use, for a month , before she slowly takes it away, until its gone and we must set out, once agian, on the journey of a lifetime.

So, my plan , in order to bring humans back in touch with nature, is , once a year to have a treck like the animals of Africa. Not sure, how , where , yet. But its needed to reconnect. To teach humans that we are all in this together.

Humans mark on this planet, our goals and dreams are based on ideas of comfort. But this is not natural. The animal kingdom is full of struggle.

One part of this Planet Earth special showed a view of the king penguins or emporer or something. The male penguins sit on their egg, for four months. In -50 temperature winds, for four months. No food for four months. Pinching their legs tight as to not let the egg fall out, for four months.

If you have ever sat in a tight car ride for an hour, or in a tight concert chair for a few hours, you know how uncomfortable it is. Just imagine that, for 4 months, in such freezing conditions that the penguins not only huddle together, but rotate who is in the middle and who is on the fringes bc those on the fringes too long would die, and with no food. And did i mention try doing this for FOUR months.

Goddman we have the easy road.

Friday, November 2, 2007

green smokers

I am seeking people who smoke yet , also , are upset about global pollution. Because you dont make sense.

sUrGeOnS Are ThE ShIt

people say tell a vision is bad , i agree , but i never fully agree to anything. In school when they said pick a point of view and write three ideas why, i always wished i could write one idea from each perspective. So yea, tv is mind numbing, creates lazyiness, is a waste of time, but everytime i watch i have ideas,

So last night i was watching a show on YOU, the owners manual , its a health book written by doctors who have seen it all.

So they have this patient on table , chest opened, and they are performing abypass operation. They pull this vein from somewhere to attach. Was it grown in a lab, was it from his leg, from anothers leg? they test the water proof ness of it and then attach it. But the heart is surrounded by a layer of phat and stiching the vien to the fat is not reliable.

My thoughts are.. damn could you imagine, having the responsiblity to sow that vien, i mean, if you dont do the best job of your life, this patient is dead, who knows when, maybe a year from now , maybe in a store. What if you realize hours later u could have done a better job do you ask for a redo. The responsibilty of a surgeon is emense. Every day he must be the best day of his life, what pressure. What if he is noth feeling good, imagine operating on someone with one of those runny noses that just wont stop, or what if you get one of those tickles in your throat.

Or am i looking at it all wrong? Is the surgeon an arrogant asshole who is thinking " this s.o.b on my table, how could he let his body get so bad, so polluted, poisonous, and rotten, that he now has to put his life in my hands. I mean this freagen guy , if he ate well and exorcised i would never have to slice his chest opened.

So when they try to start up his heart the first method, of pumping the heart with a finger did not work, the second method of shocking it worked but brought about an irregular heart beat, the surgeon comments how the tension is increasing in the room , How many times at your job are you given a dead line, ever get one where you have a few minutes, or someone DIES. So the third option, a pace maker finally got the heart in the cor rect rythm.

And i cant stop thinking what a joke my job is, i mean i have known it was for some time now, but now its just laughable. And now i realize how i have chosen a job with zero responsibility, while surgeons have the some of the most. Opposite ends of the responsibiltiy spectrum, me and that surgeon.

Monday, October 1, 2007


espn show, but only highlights, no more talking, i want to see the action of a days events crunched into minutes, let us judge for ouselves, stop creating our stories,


welcome to me,