Friday, November 2, 2007

sUrGeOnS Are ThE ShIt

people say tell a vision is bad , i agree , but i never fully agree to anything. In school when they said pick a point of view and write three ideas why, i always wished i could write one idea from each perspective. So yea, tv is mind numbing, creates lazyiness, is a waste of time, but everytime i watch i have ideas,

So last night i was watching a show on YOU, the owners manual , its a health book written by doctors who have seen it all.

So they have this patient on table , chest opened, and they are performing abypass operation. They pull this vein from somewhere to attach. Was it grown in a lab, was it from his leg, from anothers leg? they test the water proof ness of it and then attach it. But the heart is surrounded by a layer of phat and stiching the vien to the fat is not reliable.

My thoughts are.. damn could you imagine, having the responsiblity to sow that vien, i mean, if you dont do the best job of your life, this patient is dead, who knows when, maybe a year from now , maybe in a store. What if you realize hours later u could have done a better job do you ask for a redo. The responsibilty of a surgeon is emense. Every day he must be the best day of his life, what pressure. What if he is noth feeling good, imagine operating on someone with one of those runny noses that just wont stop, or what if you get one of those tickles in your throat.

Or am i looking at it all wrong? Is the surgeon an arrogant asshole who is thinking " this s.o.b on my table, how could he let his body get so bad, so polluted, poisonous, and rotten, that he now has to put his life in my hands. I mean this freagen guy , if he ate well and exorcised i would never have to slice his chest opened.

So when they try to start up his heart the first method, of pumping the heart with a finger did not work, the second method of shocking it worked but brought about an irregular heart beat, the surgeon comments how the tension is increasing in the room , How many times at your job are you given a dead line, ever get one where you have a few minutes, or someone DIES. So the third option, a pace maker finally got the heart in the cor rect rythm.

And i cant stop thinking what a joke my job is, i mean i have known it was for some time now, but now its just laughable. And now i realize how i have chosen a job with zero responsibility, while surgeons have the some of the most. Opposite ends of the responsibiltiy spectrum, me and that surgeon.

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