Thursday, November 15, 2007

FdA allows carbon monoxide in our beef

I was watching tv last night, c-span's coverage, they were showing a hearing where congress was questioning the FDA, food and drug administration, the department of our government that ensure our food supply and our drug supply is not gonna kill or harm us.

So after listening to the executives of the department wiggle for their lives, under congressional questioning, i dont feel safe at all.

This bunch of miscreants could not answer questions for the life of them. You should have seen their faces, after being asked a tough question. They looked down at the papers, presumebly looking for an answer but most likely praying to god for a way out.

You could tell who the ring leader of the operation was, besides bush co. It was this moderatly dressed, extremely ugly women in the middle of panel. No wedding ring. Her leadership role was writtten on her sleave. She was the bravest one their. Not nervous, no need to review her papers for answers. When a question arose that made me think, " finally a good question, we are about to get to the bottom of this", she casually said we are not sure, dont have those stats, we gave you everything we had.

But just how many times can u use the same excuse. And how come they use the same excuses, when asked about the safety of food that we eat, our grandparents eat, and our children eat daily, that we used when we forgot to do our elementary school homework. Basically this women, who disgraces anyone with the last name tarentino, has the biggest balls of anyone i know.

Carbon Monoxide in our beef. That was the issue being discussed, and what the FDA was doing about it. Their response= we are doing nothing, it is totally safe because we have had zero complaints, even though we did not alert the world ( in our normal fashion)that we now use this procedurel. Oh, and please dont call it carbon monoxide, the FDA screamed, it would be totally unfair.

We all known the governments age old trick of relabeling, redefining how we talk about issues. So what type of brilliant term has the FDA arrived at so that people dont connect carbon monoxide in our beef, to that guy that left his car running in his garage to kill himself and accidentally killed his whole family also?

Oderless gas.
congressman-isnt carbon monoxide oderless gas
Fda-yes but what we put in the meat is more than just carbon monoxide, so thats why we gave it a new name
congressman-so you put other chemicals in the beef besides carbon monoxide, what else ?
FDA -well, the process we use is 99% carbon monoxide and 1% nitrogen that is left over from the process.
Congressman-but when people kill themselves with their cars in their garages with carbon monoxide, isnt there also traces of nitrogen
FDA -yes
Cong-So how is this legal
FDA-well the oderless gas cannot be defined by our standard as food additive, because its used for color, but it cannot be defined as a color additives, bc we are not actually adding color. The oderless gas, freezes the color of the beef at its healthiest stage, so we define it as a color saver, and no FDA regulations require us to test this substance for safety.

I swear to god this is the actually argument in our congress. These bumbs in FDA are splitting hairs and peoples lives are at risk, all for what?

All bc bush and co. hate government, and they have put people in charge of the fda and everyother department, who hate regulation, hate oversight, These FDA miscriants do not work for america , they work for big business. they should all be thrown in jail.You know what happened in china to man who let all the toys be posioned? He was killed, put to death. Here they get raises
So how long has big business been slowly posioning the american population with carbon monoxide. I cannot wait to have a chem test to see what chemicals i walk around with daily.

(the next line is a joke)
When asked for a comment , rush limbaugh said" carbon monoxide in our beef?, the beef industry slowly killing us? You know what also is slowly killing us, old age, should the fda now regulate the elderly , i think not. For peet sake everyone on the planet is slowly dying, and we now live in a fast pace envirnment, so the beef industry is merely following natural patterns of the world, and who is agianst nature?

On a great holistic health website i found 5 other mistakes the FDA screwed up, showing how dangerous they really are.

1.the approval of the antibiotic Ketek, despite the fact that the study was so fraught with fabricated data it led to arrests and prison terms-
Five years ago, the FDA did not approve Ketek, an antibiotic with the generic name telithromycin, for use in the United States. In their decision, they cited toxic effects such as liver damage.
Arrests and Prison Terms
However, in response to the FDA's decision, the drug's manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis launched a new trial, study 3014, to test its safety. Study 3014 included fabricated data, and led to arrests and prison terms, forcing the FDA to throw out the results. The study is still defended as legitimate by Sanofi-Aventis.
Still Cited TodayDespite this, the FDA reversed its original decision and approved Ketek, based on previous data collected and rejected by the FDA, along with smaller studies and the drug's European safety record. Study 3014 is still being cited by medical journals to back up Sanofi-Aventis' claim that Ketek is safe.
Reuters UK May 2, 2006
2.the deadly Vioxx debacle
antidepressants found to incite murderous and suicidal episodes
lead tainted toys
toxic pet food

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