Thursday, November 29, 2007

Soccer is the best sport in the world

I have been watching soccer lately, a lot. I grew up playing. Got injured. Retired freshman year of highschool. I should have went pro. At least this kid on my team should have. Any time our team was down we just kicked it over everyones head and this speed demon on out team beat everyone to it, and scored. To bad he druggs got a hold of him and he never even played college-

Yet through my childhood of playing i never watched soccer. I watched baseball, hockey, basketball, football. i also collected cards for the latter four sports, which helped me learn the players , the teams, the all-stars.

But I am not interested in the four classic american sports this year. Last years world cup woke something up in me, and now i cant get enough. whether its the German bundasliga, or the English premiership, or the Spanish La liga, Italy's series a, i just want more. More crisp , long passing. More fancy dribbling moves that completely psyche out defenses. More goals off headers, from guys you dont even see in the screen, when all you see is the ball coming in, being passed to empty space, until a team mate comes flying into the picture to head the ball in. More ridiculous penalty kicks that just bend over walls where the keepers have no chance.

Now every sunday when i with my friends who only want to watch football, i am squirming in my seat, whining to mysefl, "why cant they put soccer on", "im going home".

Because when u think about it soccer is the best sport to watch period. American football has so many commercials, soccer has none, until halftime. American football has one team on offense than when they dont score they give it to the other team, soccer the ball is constantly in play, my teams attacks until you take it away, i dont get four chances and thats it. Soccer has one team 11 men, they dont switch squads for offense and defense, and hockey switch teams every 3 minutes or so, but at least they play continually.

American football is so strict about boundries, if you touch the line your out, in soccer, the whole player can be out of bounds, as long as the ball is in and his foot is in.

And goddamn soccer is physical, two people going up to head the same ball and u know one is getting clobbered, you steal the ball from me and 99% of the time my pride is so wounded that i will chase you down and foul you. Be carefull if you try to head a ball too close to the goal bc he is allowed to punch the ball out, and if your head interferes its all good.

and if you think american football fans are nuts, soccer fans are over the top-in fact we all know the england is the city with the most surveillance cameras, well they were originally installed in the subway. The soccer fans at the game were so rowdy that the police started watching them in the subway on the way to the games, so they could catch the rowdy ones before they even got to the stadiium.

Game day , sat and sunday is called match day, the field is called the pitch, penalty shots outside the box are called set pieces, teams are called clubs.

Some of the best clubs in the world are englands chelsea, manchester united, liverpool-spains real madrid, vallencia, barcalona,espanyol-germany's stuttgardt, beyarn munich, werder bremer and france's lyon, russias dynamo kiev, italy's juventus, inter milan, and roma

Some of the best players in the world are robihno, leo the lion messi, luca toni, junihno, ibrahimovitz, kaka, totti,drogba, Mwaruwari, wayne rooney, fabiano, klose, pizzaro karim benzima.

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