Friday, November 9, 2007

Panet earth Series

If you have not seen this serious you are doing yourself a diservice. They are amazing. The way the animal kingdom migrates. Some birds travel 12k miles two times a year. Phenominal. The way they depend and rely on nature, the seasons, there lives flow in harmony with the planet, in contrast to humans, who flow against the planet.

Is flowing against the planet bad? Probably. The Native Americans, we are told, rose with the sun and went to bed with it. Health practicioners say its healthy to do so.
But animals do go against nature. Bats, Owls, they hunt at night. Salmon swimm upsteam to procreate, oh wait they die soon after.
This one tradition I have read about believe most of our earlthy disorder is based on our TIME system not flowing in harmony with the sun. And our months not flowing with the 28 day natural lunar cycle.

So , planet earth, africa, the dry season.
The wildlife there has to deal with no water for some time every year, they go through a cycle of having less and less water. The animals begin their annual treck to where the water will be. The gators and hippos start sharing smaller and smaller bodies of water.

The elephants that make this treck have done this so many times that by the time they arrive, the rain water in the form of a river will also arrive. Both the animal and the rain water are two ends of the same 4 month journey. Hard journey. Some dont make. But once there 4 month trecks over they have all the food and water they need, for a time. Than they return to their homes, and the water dries out and the treck for their very survival begins again.

Every year these animals are in for a journey for their life. The earth took away their life blood, and promises to return it at the end of a journey that will test every ounce of their strength. And did i mention this happens every year. Those elephant clans just know the waters will be there, they put their faith in mother earth.

This one baby elephant gets caught in a sand storm, abot 50 paces from her life blood, in the form of a lake. She loses her mother and ends up following the mothers foot steps. Did i mention she went the wrong way. I know so sad, but just think how many lives this elephant will save by dying., and providing nourshiment.

My thinking goes, damn, us humans, have the easiest life on the planet. At least coming from a middle class suburb on long island, thats the way it seems. I know many humans in the world suffer, but from my perspective its a piece of cake.

I need water, i turn a handle on my sink.
I need food, i walk to the corner store and buy some.
Everything i need is at my fingertips.
In my 27 years on this planet i have not once, had a journey like those animals of Africa have. And did i mention they do it every year? damn
could this be the reason humans have abused the planet so. How can we appreciate the value of water, when we use .0001 calories to obtain it (turning the handle thing i mentioned). How can we respect the planet that does not take us the brink of death, every year, in a cycle to test our will, than as a reward, she gives us all the food and water we can use, for a month , before she slowly takes it away, until its gone and we must set out, once agian, on the journey of a lifetime.

So, my plan , in order to bring humans back in touch with nature, is , once a year to have a treck like the animals of Africa. Not sure, how , where , yet. But its needed to reconnect. To teach humans that we are all in this together.

Humans mark on this planet, our goals and dreams are based on ideas of comfort. But this is not natural. The animal kingdom is full of struggle.

One part of this Planet Earth special showed a view of the king penguins or emporer or something. The male penguins sit on their egg, for four months. In -50 temperature winds, for four months. No food for four months. Pinching their legs tight as to not let the egg fall out, for four months.

If you have ever sat in a tight car ride for an hour, or in a tight concert chair for a few hours, you know how uncomfortable it is. Just imagine that, for 4 months, in such freezing conditions that the penguins not only huddle together, but rotate who is in the middle and who is on the fringes bc those on the fringes too long would die, and with no food. And did i mention try doing this for FOUR months.

Goddman we have the easy road.

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