Monday, December 21, 2009

Obama Drug Reimporation

David Sirota talks about Obama's stance on drug importation from foreign countries. He campaigned in support of importing drugs for cheapers costs but recently changed his mind only to change his mind again with a speech this weekend from David Axelrod stating that the President supports cheaper drug reimportation from foreign countries.

Sirota points out how that support means nothing when the President has the power to change the law overnight,

"the president has the statutory authority right now to allow it via a
certification by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius."

So this brings up my favorite quote from John Kerry talking about George W. Bush during the Presidential debates of 2004, just because the President said something, I believe in drug importation from foreign nations, doesnt make is true. Show us through your actions Mr. President.

Oh and a side note, most of our drug manufacturers have their plants overseas, so when you here politicians talking about this issue of posibly allowing the importation of drugs from overseas, number 1 its already happening, "40 percent of medicines on the domestic market right now were manufactured overseas", David Sirota.

And number 2 the drugs Americans want to buy at a cheaper cost from overseas are made by American corporations not third rate pill chop shops. As Americans shouldnt we pay less for drugs made by American corporations and shouldnt the rest of the world pay premium prices?
Like state colleges, if you go to a New York state college but you are from out of state you pay more money in tuition. If that was the opposite and New Yorkers paid more, that would seem silly.

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