Saturday, December 12, 2009

Governer Patterson and the Uk

Its crazy to watch the governer of NY on the news as he cuts services to the middle class again and again, schools, transportation, health, government jobs, because times are tough. And than you see the story of how in the UK bankers bonus' are being taxed at 50% because well, they are the reason the rest of the country is suffering. Why should the whole country be asked to give up their jobs, and to sacrifice so the banks can be saved first. That is one thing. But its a slap in the face of this sacrife for these bankers to grant themselves huge bonuses. Really guys. The public has such a short attention span. You couldnt have waited one year to start bonuses again? So lets step it up Patterson. If the Federal Government refuses to tax that banker ass you should. They shit on us all by tanking the economy, they gave us officially 10% national unemployement and unoffiacially 20% unemployment + underemployment, and they shit on us again when they begged us for money to save them only to pay out huge bonuses to their executives, for what i dont know. You know what my bonus was this year, about 1.5% of my yearly salery. Thank you State of New York. I am moving to the colder Dakota eh.

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