Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welfare State

If you cry about the welfare state here in the USA you better check yourself. Many people i meet love to cry about the welfare state, but they only cry about half of the welfare, the part that goes to low income families for say rent control or food stamps or Medicaid, or to illegals, who people say "are draining our system.

If you listen to these people you are hearing only half or a third of the story. The other two thirds is the welfare that rich people get. Rich people get by far more welfare than the poor. While the rich pay more in taxes they also get a ridiculous amount of write offs. I was just reading yesterday about one government program that gives back 400 billion a year to encourage home buying and business spending, and 40% of this money is given to the richest 1%, clearly uneven distribution toward the top.

But its really no surprise that the story is the told the way it is. That the rich worked hard for theirs, while the poor or sucking the system dry. The story is always told by the winner. Think about it. All the owners and lead anchors for every major news outfit in America is rich. Every Senator and President is rich, and so is most of Congress. So why wouldn't they govern from what they know, the rich. The rich fund their compaigns, and the rich get more beneficial laws passed.

So next time someone tries to feed you garbage about the welfare in this country being out of control yet they only mention the story of those damn poor people on welfare you will know they only have part of the story.

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