Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home burns down, Fireman watch

Have not written in awhile, because its the same old news, the 50 Rich guys that run American and own congress pass laws to funnel more money and power to themselves thus taking it away from all of us, and somehow the public fights of the scraps and yells at the other political party with name calling like your a socialist or your a fascist.

So socialist, everyone calls President Obama a socialist. His damn socialist healthcare. Our damn socialist fire department. Well a town in Tennessee did something about their damn socialist fire department and now the everyone home in town pays a fee to get fire service, no fee no service. Well this played out beautifully this week. Better than any poet could have spoke about, when a home burned down as the fire department stood by and watched. You see the home did not pay their 75$ fire fee, and were thus added to a list of homes the fire department was to not service. So they showed up of course, to protect the homes of the neighbors who paid their fire tax. This is pretty crazy. What if someone died? What if a baby died in that home? Thats OK with everyone? Everyone is cool with this? This is what this town in Tennessee had in mind when they made this law? This sounds like perfect community to raise a warm loving family. Where everyone is on their own. Kids have to learn sooner or later right? We might not be able to provide you with a job, we might not be able to lend you money to go to college, we might not be able to fix your roads or bridges, we might not be able to heal you if you get sick, we might not be able to ensure the safety of your water or food, or anything that you buy, your on your own good luck,

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