Friday, October 16, 2009

Dylan Ratigan

He is a new anchor on MSNBC, a channel you cannot watch if you subscribe to Verizon cable services because their competition have an exclusive contract,blah blah blah. Dylan has been tearing it on his show recently, introducing new ideas and ways to look at the recent economic collapse triggered by Wall Street.

He points that on Wall Street their are two mindsets. One is to gather money for investment in business, to drive business growth and innovation. This was the original idea behind Wall Street. A business begins to sell stock so they have some extra money on hand to build a second factory or buy more machines to increae output.

The second philosophy is to gamble like you do in Vegas. So hedge funds have popped up gathering large sums of money and placing huge bets, not on stocks but on things like risk. With the so called subprime mortgage crash we saw Wall Street gambling on peoples mortgages, would they be able to pay or not, there is also bets on credit card debt.

Dylan does not like the second philosophy because you taking large sums of money away from companies that would use that money to grow, to expand and to innovate.

Makes sense. Especially when you look at all the companies that were short on money when the crash happened. Also makes sense when you try to find our exactly what America makes anymore.

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