Friday, October 9, 2009

Al Franken vs. Rape supporting Republicans

Al Franken passed his first ammendment this week as a Senator that will hold contracters working in war zones like Iraq or Afghanistan responsible for criminal acts, like say if 5 male employees working for haliburten decide to rape a female coworker working for haliburten, and when theh female employee tells her boss they lock her up and tell her if she ever wants to go home she shoudl shut up. Right now the five males who raped and basically kidnapped this women, holding her against her will, in a foreign land, are in a grey zone of the law. Al Franken proposes a law to punish Americans who rape and kidnap other Americans in a war zone, and some Republicans actually voted against this. Fucking amazing. I cant wait to read the spin they try to put on this shit. Links and names to follow

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