Monday, April 18, 2011

Middle Class

The middle class is definitely being attacked. They had to fight to become the middle class. And today they will have to fight to keep it.

A new chart has popped up showing how much pay rose for middle class and upper class workers, from two time periods, 1950-1980, and 1981-2008. The results are stagering,

Middle Class salaries rose 75% from 50'-80', while the upper 1% rose 80%. Pretty even. But from 80'-08'
Middle class salaries rose 1%, while the upper 1% salaries rose 400%.

This is pretty staggering and shows what is going on this country. This shoots a big whole through Republican ideology, that says if you work hard you will make your own way. This picture shows that its pretty damn hard to make your own way if you are not in the upper 1% of wage earners. Its pretty hard to earn your way if you do not make massive campaign donations.

There is no way you can make the argument that the upper 1% of wage earners just flat out works that much harder than the average joe to warrant 400% wage increase compared to 1%.

And its just plain unfair to label someone who addresses this issue someone involved in class warfare, or a socialist. These types of numbers are not going to create a strong America if they are kept where they are.

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