Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama blew the Election

The commentators are saying the 2010 election was all about the economy and Obama blew it. Just create jobs is all he had to do. Stimulate the economy. And he had a great Democratic model to follow, FDR. Our infrastructure need renovations, and one idea Obama even ran on, we need a green revolution in this country. Wind power, solar power, wave power. We could create a whole new industry in this country which would bring a ridiculous number of jobs. We could be world leaders in something besides war again. We could rebuild the manufacturing base that once made this nation great, thus rebuilding the power of unions.Maybe we should get the unions to push for this, they have the power, and they need more power as theirs has been dwindling since the 80's.

Why we wow the world anymore. Why can't we build a train that goes from New York to California in one hour damnit.

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