Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bp Oil Spill

From Iraq to Wall Street, to the Tennessee sludge spill, we now have the BP mess in the Gulf. The Pattern is the same. Corporate American attempts to make as much money as possible with little thought or concern for everyone else, Governemt regulators and officials have been sponsored (bought) by Corporate America, so they choose not to regulate or keep CA to any kind of standards, until CA becomes so lax that we have a disaster effecting untold amounts of people with no end in sight.
This time we have gasoline pooring into the Gulf of Mexico, ruining the lives of the fisherman, and heading for a current that could take the oil up the east coast to towards Europe.

Rob Kall makes some great points over at, http://www.opednews.com/articles/Coverup-Govt-Denies-Any-O-by-Rob-Kall-100518-4.html

If this was done by an Arab or Persian this would be an act of terrorism. So why do we treat terrorist acts differently when done by different people.

Wall Street committed a terrorist act in 2008 when the ecomony crashed, the TVA in Tennesse committed a terrorist act when there shotty damn broke and flooded a town with poison.

Just like Howard Stern said in his movie, "a kill is a kill is a kill", a terrorist act is a terrorist act is a terrorist act!"

Also check out Greg Palast, one of the greatest reporters of our time, tells us how the Exxon Valdez spill 20 years ago in Alaska was BP's doing.

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