Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inside peak into how congress works

The House of Representatives just passed an envirnmentally friendly energy bill that some are calling a huge step in combatting global warming. The vote was 219 for and 212 against, with 8 republicans voting for the democratic bill. The right wing media has been attacking the 8 Republicans arguing that if it weren't for them the Democratic legislation would never have passed. But that is not the case according to the Democratic party.

Democrats in washington are claiming (according to sam stein) that Nancy Pelosi allowed 44 Democrats to vote aganst the bill because she knew the bill would pass, making their votes not vital. And that if she did not have the votes to pass the bill these 44 would have supported the bill to get it passed.

The reason they voted against something they wanted to pass is classic Washington strategy. These 44 Democrats hail from conservative leaning districts. And in thinking of the next election, they want to show their constituents their conservative street credability. And in a a few years when we have the next election no one will remember this little strategy and these 44 Dems will look like they stood up to the envirnmental rights bill.

This also works the opposite way. Republicans that voted for the bill are hoping it won't pass the senate and become law. This way they get some street credablity for standing up yet they did not actually change anything and so cannot be held too accountable.

So once again America, we are last on our elected representatives priority list.

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