Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it torture? Lets permanently keep the statue of liberties head dunked under water,

Is it torture?
Fuck yea it is. Are they kidding me? How can people have the gaul to attempt to defend this? If it tastes, smells, and sounds like torture, its fuckin torture.

Is this still America? I am changing my blog's name to the fuckin twighlight zone.
Some great America In this great American book that i read part of, had this line about america if our nation is not strong enough to get through crises like 9/11 without selling our soul, without changing who we are, without becoming just like the terrorists, than maybe this nation is not worth saving.

Oh but it was only a catapillar. 
Oh its only water, Do you get mad when you get wet at the beach, its the same thing at guantanimo. 
But i can think of a million reasons why it would be valuable to torture.
Dick Cheney can prove it works.
We cant torture POW's, when you give them a different title you can torture. 
It just aggressive techniques, we only slapped the guy a couple of times. 
What should we do, hug them?

Bullshit, Bullshit, and more Bullshit. You have these weasels coming on tv agreeing to be waterboarded? Sure i bet its done with the same intensity. 15 seconds of waterboarding is pretty comparable to 150 times being waterboarded. 

You have john mccaain, a man who was tortured saying it does not work. 
Did you know we prosecuted japanese post wwII for torture, guess what they did, waterboarding. 

This is so infuriating, that my fellow citizens can come up with a million and one good reasons to torture another human being. Could any of you weasils become the torturer? 

And the news is reporting see, we told you, all those guys we tortured in guantanamo have went back to join the taliban. Really? It had nothing to do with us creating a terrorist, by, umm, what that word, oh yea, fuckin torturing them.

This is the true test of a nation. Will our elite let these lowest forms of life who approved these techniques breath free air, or will they throw them in jail where they belong. 

You can cry all you want about how they want to kill us and our kids and grandma's and that this is the only way to stop them, but that is bs.  and deep down you know it. 

So thanks to the damn elites who run our nation. Now we are in a class along with North korea, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, all those cooks. No wonder why Bush found it so easy to find the axis of evil, it takes one to no one. 

We shoudl hang the statue of liberty upside down, with her head submergerd, that would be a more acurate welcome sign.

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