Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gietner and Bernanke on Capitol Hill

This past week the crooks Tim Geitner and Ben Bernanke answered questions during congressional testimony. They both should be in jail. But One of the better questions of the day was, When the american taxpayers have lost up to 50% of their retirement pensions why are they funding a bailout of AIG so that AIG can in turn pay those who insured their retirement losses. 

Of course you should be payed if you insured your retirement investments. Buts its ironic that when the company cant pay, and should be declaring bankrupcy, thus no insurance is payed out, the taxpayer is tasked with helping someone recoup their lost retirement investment, when the taxpayer themselves have no such help and must suffer the losses.

Oh, and when asked is this the case, niether Geitner no Bernanke would say yes. In fact Bernanke had the gaul to say if the taxpayer did not step up to help AIG they would have suffered up to 70% losses in their retirement accounts instead of only 50%. 

What a cocky SOB.

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