Friday, October 31, 2008

HeNrY rOlLiNs

Saw henry rollins spoken word last night for the second time. He anaylizes the world in a great way. Some of my favorite points that he made:

-Republicans ran there 2004 campaigns on the idea that democrats cant stomach war. Why would anyone want to be able to stomach war. I go to veterans hospitals all the time and see iraq vets with limbs blown off, and lives destroyed and republicans are proud that they can stomach these things? I hope i am never able to stomach these things. I went back to a hotel after my visit to the vet hospital and cried for hours. Republicans say Democrats cannot stomach war and i say good , but i also say republicans cant stomach peace.

-Our nation is the biggest seller of weapons to the world. Peace will negatively affect our economy.

-Rollins met a man in Laos and instead of the man greeting henry with, whats up, how are you , whats going on, he used the phrase what is your life. Rollins said it took him a minute to think about how to answer it. the man from Laos said to Rollins that he used the odd phrase because it provokes thought, and is different.

This reminds me of my trainer, and friend dave. He is a straight up warrior of life. In every category. I cannot recommend him enough. and , check him out if you ever thought about dominating life itself.

Anyway Dave talks about the greeting. In general when most people meet they say how are you. But are they just saying hello? Are they looking for a longer answer than good, i am good? And isnt it true that when you actually answer this question with more than a sentence you catch the person who asked you, off guard. As if they truly did not want to know the essence to the answer of the question, how are you. Really. Tell me whats going on in your life. Tell me whats new. And i think he is dead on. Most people are being curteous and could care less how you are. What about your freinds and family? If you told them how your truly are every time they asked, all the depth and detail, glories and pain, how would they react?

I think about this all the time now. At every greeting. And since i now know what i know, if you ask me how i am im going tell you, especially dave. But i really like Rollins friend from Laos,and his greeting, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE? If you never thought about this do it. One of the most famous philosophies throught history once said and unexamined life is not worth living. And a modern day civil rights warrior said an examined life is painful.

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